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The Jedgerwood’s Amish Wedding

I haven’t slept enough in the last 72 hours to eloquently explain Amber and Scott’s wedding. Amish country, a full car, a few nerves (that were mine), a stunning bride and really fun family and friends made for an amazing weekend.

Thanks so much to Amber and Scott for allowing me to put the details of their special day together. I can’t wait to share more when sleep brings words and the real photographers bring legitimate shots. For now, here are some instagrammed photos to hold you over.

And a few more stolen from the photo booth.

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Sometimes You Just Wanna Make Things With Thread

My new life plan:

1. Think of all the art/craft projects* I liked doing as a kid.
2. Do said projects but class them up a bit.
3. Post them on Pinterest.
4. Become a famous trendsetting crafter.
5. Live happily ever after making macaroni necklaces, things decoupaged with magazine cutouts and popsicle stick houses.

Friendship bracelets were really cool when I was little and what do you know, they’re cool again. With the influx of great embroidery thread projects, I bought myself some. Like a lot of it. And now I gots to get working.

embellished friendship bracelets // napkins rings // ombre tassel necklace // tribal wrap sandals

Apparently this is the summer of thread and I’ll post my creations along the way. Want to craft along with me?

*I will NOT be making any of those those stupid cotton ball Santa crafts. I have the very common fear of pulling cotton balls apart.
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Maybe Her Name is Maybe

I helped host a bridal shower and a bachelorette tour de wine for Amber over the weekend. It was a fun few days celebrating an amazing couple, eating mini pies and catching up with friends and family. We also sang a whole lot of this.

All pics taken with my iPhone. Follow along on Instagram (@emilyehill) or click over here to see more.

Notes on the craft front: The pompoms were created using this method; the garland was inspired by this and this; and the Xs and Os were made by my Dad and me and were last seen here.
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I Really Hope She was Talking About the Hospital Where I was Born

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy!

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Cards Lately

One of my favorite things to do is make cards. This one time I stayed up all night to make Christmas cards, left the back door open while spray painting and got robbed at four o’clock in the morning. But that’s really another story for another day.

Here are some of my recent card making adventures that didn’t include being robbed.

I opted for New Year’s cards instead of Christmas cards this past year. They were (surprise! surprise!) gold and had a little fill-in-the-blank action. This allowed me to personalize each one in a time efficient way. I made a chevron stamp using this kit and used this cool gadget to emboss the stamp with this gold powder. Then I made envelope liners and confetti out of this antique gold paper.

I saw these Kraft paper hearts at the beginning of the year and knew they would be mine. I used a pencil eraser to make the dots with pink and red ink pads, wrote a simple message and stuffed them in these fuchsia envelopes. And voilà, they were valentines for my coworkers!

Using leftover goodies from the New Year’s cards, I made this set. I used the same kit to make a bigger chevron stamp, the same gold embossing power and the same antique gold lined envelopes. I love the imperfections and varying patterns. Can’t wait to send thank yous and love notes using these guys.

Now, who wants to make St. Patty’s day cards with me?? I promise to lock the back door.

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I’m Back

Apologies for the silence over here; I’ve been on a little trip. I was in San Antonio for work (and the best guacamole of my life). Then I was in Oklahoma to play with my parents. Then I was in Tulsa for a friend’s wedding, but also managed to fit in some quality time with my brother and sister-in-law, my good friend Dub and my cousins’ little ones. Mixed in the middle of all that was a short jaunt to Stillwater for a delightful day with my grandmother.

Being with friends from college over the weekend (including her) was magical. It’s really great to spend time with people who knew you when you thought you could do or be anything. Pictures from my trip (including a few of the beautiful bride) are over here.

Because it’s always hard to get back into the work swing after a long trip, this will be on repeat all day:

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