Dear Boy

When I was in middle school I wrote a letter to my future husband. I was a dramatic teen with insecurities, fears, dreams and hopes. Those hopes included a boy who would not compare me to girls who had brighter smiles.

I’ve always taken pride in being someone who knew their next move. But, after four years in college at a university that I’d always wanted to go to and another three at a graduate school I’d always wanted to attend in a city I’d always wanted to live, I don’t know what’s next.

It is in the spirit of figuring out what’s next that this blog begins. It is also in that spirit that I share a snippet from the aforementioned letter. Before you can figure out where you’re going you have to know where you’ve been.

Dear Boy,

I do not know who you are or where or when we will meet but I do hope it is soon…

I pray that when we meet and fall in love you will love me for me and not hope for someone who is thinner or prettier. I hope that you won’t compare me to girls who may have brighter smiles. I hope that you will make me laugh, take care of me when I get sick and be trustworthy…

I hope that you remember that I prefer daisies to roses and that my favorite color changes with my mood. Please know that my eyes aren’t blue, they’re grey with flecks of navy…

Please tell me if anything I do bothers you, or if something just doesn’t sit right. I would like you to always be honest with me. If I have had a bad day, I hope you will shower me with confidence and smiles. I hope you understand that I’m a little bit nervous and very scared. Every relationship is a new game of cards, and… (sigh)… I’ve never been any good at cards.

Yours always.

PS. You should know that the last line of the letter, including the ellipsis and (sigh), was taken directly from the original version. I told you I was a dramatic teen.

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