This One Time My Roommate Sold Me On Craigslist

Ok, my roommate didn’t really sell me on Craigslist. But she did place an ad on my behalf in the “Women Seeking Men” section of the website.   

Lauren and I are not only roommates; we also use to work together (like ‘share an office and carpool everyday’ work together). One of Lauren’s most notable characteristics is that once she gets an idea in her head, she makes it happen. This characteristic makes her great at her job, an incomparable shopper and a friend who places personal ads for others.   

It was a Friday morning in 2007 and we weren’t doing our work had a few extra minutes. Lauren had been watching that year’s season of The Bachelor and when they called for women to send in submissions to be the next Bachelorette, she thought of me. But, auditioning for The Bachelorette would take time and Lauren wanted to see results that day. Enter Craigslist.  

Title: Huggable 

Female, tall, attractive brunette looking for a tall and funny male. He must have a large “hugability” factor and be willing to laugh and make jokes. He should be able to sing-a-long to various songs in the car, as well as be willing to be lazy when necessary. His laugh must be loud and full, as well as be able to keep surprises well hidden. If you are interested, please email the friend for further information, and the possibility of setting up a meeting.   

While I wasn’t excited about the ad or the idea of being on any kind of dating show, I was excited to see the photos that Lauren received in response to the post. Our favorite responder was a man named, Ali. Ali sent two photos, then 10 more. Below is a sampling of his submissions:   

This is Ali.

This is Ali showing his strength.

This is Ali picking up women at a bar.

This is Ali being a doctor.

This is Ali doing the tango. This is also Ali bragging.

This is Ali getting married? Or this is Ali serving as best man in a wedding where the bride is very upset? We will never know.

 To see more of Ali’s pictures as well as the other photographic responses you can view Lauren’s Facebook album.   

I just now realized the topic similarity in this post and the previous one. I promise this won’t all be about boys. 

[All images courtesy of Ali]  

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