Weekend Brunch: Bread Pudding Pancakes

Chicago is home to a great many things: my best friend being one and Southport Grocery’s Bread Pudding Pancakes being another. Katie took me to Southport Grocery and Cafe last spring and introduced me to their specialty pancakes.

Seeing as I’ve never been a fan of Bread Pudding, I was skeptical at first. But, coupled with cinnamon sugar butter and vanilla custard, these pancakes are nothing short of amazing. They’re perfect for a weekend brunch as they tend to induce food-coma-like symptoms which can only be cured with a nap. I did just that this past weekend (the brunch and the nap to be exact).  

To get the right consistency, I recommend letting the mix sit for 45 minutes after adding milk (instead of the 10 minutes per the instructions)

Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side

Serve with coffee in a Chicago Starbucks mug because it's the respectful thing to do

You can make your own Bread Pudding Pancakes from scratch with this recipe or you can be lazy like me and order the pancake mix online here.

Special thanks to our ducks, Bernard and Sebastian, for modeling.

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3 Responses to Weekend Brunch: Bread Pudding Pancakes

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  2. Video Recipes says:

    I can’t wait to try it out.

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