Carpool Conversations

Hi! It’s Emily. This post wasn’t written by me, aside from this top part that you’re reading right now. What follows was written by a curly-haired blonde named Amber. She’s a friend from middle school, one of my current roommates and my brother’s girlfriend’s sister. We ride to work together and sometimes funny things happen.

There are not many people who can say they have held on to a friend or two from childhood.  I am one of the lucky ones.  Emily and I have been friends since the third grade.  (I even knew her when she wrote that Dear Boy letter!)  And although we took separate paths we both ended up in DC. 

Not only are we in the same city but we live together and ride to work together each day.  These carpools always look a little different.  Sometime we ramble about the clothes we see people wearing on the street.  Occasionally we comment on the cute puppies.  But every now and then we have a real jewel of a conversation that is worthy of sharing. 

These conversations take on politics, matchmaking, men, and philosophy (Amber and Emily style).  I think it is only fair if we start sharing these conversations beyond the walls of her Saturn and let everyone in on the fun!  Watch this space for Carpool Conversations

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5 Responses to Carpool Conversations

  1. Lynn Hill says:

    I think Lorraine and I need to be flies on the back seat!

  2. Lorraine says:

    Why is this asking me for another comment?

  3. Lorraine Powelson says:


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