Holy Crap, I’m in My Late Twenties

In the span of a week I turned 27 and became obsessed with a reality TV show about a group of guys traveling across North America knocking things off their “things to do before they die” list. As if my current quarter life crisis hadn’t already got me thinking.

One night last week I couldn’t sleep. I got up to watch some TV, and since I’d finished my third re-watch of the entire The West Wing series, I decided to try something new. Three hours later I’d watched the entire first season of The Buried Life.

If you haven’t seen this show, you should. I’ve bored nearly every person in my life with my newfound love of the show so I won’t get into details. Just trust me when I tell you it’s good. It’s funny, heartwarming and inspirational. 

What I love most about The Buried Life project is that the guys force themselves to step outside of their comfort zones and to reach for things that seem impossible.

As we were driving home from work on my birthday, Amber asked me about the highlights of the past year and about the things I was looking forward to doing before I turned 28.

I love birthdays. They’re like New Years and the start of a new school year all wrapped into one. As Amber pointed out, it’s a milestone that’s meant to give you perspective on where you’ve been, where you are and where you plan to go.

So here’s my perspective after a week of reality TV fascination and birthday reflection. 

Highlights of my twenty-seventh year
Getting a passport
Getting a stamp in my passport
Using twitter to meet Luke Russert
Running more than a mile
Starting a blog
Living through the snowpocalypse
Getting a massage for the first time
Taking curling lessons
Surviving salmonella poisoning
Coordinating a wedding
Successfully playing matchmaker 

Things to look forward to in my twenty-eighth year
Getting another stamp in my passport
Running a half marathon
Blogging for a year
Seeing New York City during the holidays
Throwing a surprise party
Learning how to sew (again)
Cooking and baking things that are yummy
Improving my photography skills
Taking steps toward starting my own business
Getting a real Christmas tree
Coordinating more weddings

I may not have my own reality TV show (which is a travesty by the way) but here’s to stepping out of my comfort zone and reaching for things that seem impossible in my twenty-eighth year.

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