Scenes from a Georgetown Thanksgiving

The next best thing to spending Thanksgiving with your family is playing hostess for the holiday.  If you’re unable to go home for turkey day, I’ve found that spending it with a finely selected group of friends will suffice.

I love my family and I love Oklahoma holidays, but there is something special about helping to make someone else’s holiday great. I loved spending Thanksgiving morning cooking. I loved setting the table and getting people refills. I even loved cleaning the kitchen.

We hosted my best friend Katie and my roommate Lauren’s family. A week of activities were planned and included loads of great food, many bottles of wine, and an intense game of trivial pursuit.

I also love a good schedule.

While I hate running, completing a 5K on Thanksgiving morning means less guilt during Thanksgiving dinner.

No alcohol was harmed during the making of our Thanksgiving. But, all of it was consumed.

Monkey Bread is a great companion to Black Friday ads and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Your family's food staples are not a substitute for actually being with your family but they are tasty.

Could this post have more pictures of food in it?

Why yes, it can. This was one-fifth of our dessert selection.

Happy Belated Thanksgiving. I hope that you got to spend time with your family or, if you weren’t that lucky, that you found a finely selected group of people to spend it with.

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One Response to Scenes from a Georgetown Thanksgiving

  1. Ambie says:

    oh man looks like a great Thanksgiving!

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