Amber Goes to London and All We Got Was This Blog Post

Editor’s Note: If you’re playing along, you might remember a guest blogger named Amber who is a friend from middle school, one of my current roommates and my brother’s girlfriend’s sister. She’s moved to London temporarily for work but keeps her state-side loved ones updated regularly.

Well, it has been a couple of months and Carpool Conversations has not gotten very far.  There are reasons for that, one of which is that we are not carpooling at the moment.  Why? You may ask.  No, it is not because Emily and I had a falling out or that her car died.  It is because I have been working in London!  While I am away, I have decided that I will write about things that I know Emily would do if she were also here.

Let’s first talk about some things I don’t think Emily would like about London and some things I know she would love. (Another Editor’s Note: Amber knows me well)

Things Emily wouldn’t like about London

  • They call diapers ‘nappies.’ I don’t think she would like that word.
    (You guessed right)

  • There is a Ground floor and a first floor. I think that would confuse her. I hope so because sometimes it confuses me!
    (I’m almost always confused)
  • There are not current seasons of her favorite shows and I can not stream them. Is this about me or Emily? Probably both.
    (I don’t want to live in a world without latest episode of Gossip Girl)

Things Emily would love about London

  • Christmas is abounding here! Lots of carols, Christmas Parties, jolliness and lights.
    (I do love me some jolliness)
  • There are huge markets in every area of town with fabrics, decorations, clothing and more.
    (Too bad Amber doesn’t have my name in the roommate Secret Santa Gift Exchange)
  • Cockney is fun: apples and pears and porky pies!
    (I don’t even know what some of those words mean)
  • The Royals live here and there is going to be a wedding.
    (Enough said)

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