I’m Gonna Have the Coolest Sister Ever

Do you have an older brother? Did he punch your arm in the same spot every day of your childhood? To the point where all it took was him making a fist and you’d flinch? Did he also tear the arm off your beloved Suckie Bear? Yea, me too.

When you got to high school, did your older brother insist that you not acknowledge him in the halls? Did you get back at him by plastering the walls of your school with his dorky picture, on his 18th birthday? Did he get protective in a way that made you realize he might actually care about you, even if it’s just a little? Yea, me too.

Did you go to college with your older brother and both grow out of your childish ways? Did you suddenly realize that you valued his opinion? That you actually enjoyed spending time with him? That you could trust him with anything? That he was smarter, funnier and had more character than you’d ever given him credit for? Yea, me too.

My older brother got engaged over the weekend. His fiancé, Cari, is just the coolest. I should know, I helped pick her out. Cari is Carpool Amber’s sister and we don’t want to toot our own horns but TOOT TOOT; we thought they’d be a perfect match way before they ever realized it.

Cari is just as smart and as funny and as full of character as Adam. She’s also fun and kind-hearted and joyful always. She is his perfect balance. They are the kind of happy that you see in the movies, the kind of happy that you want for your one and only older brother.

We took this picture during the first Sibling Weekend when Amber, our roommate Lauren and I visited our siblings in St. Louis. Adam and Cari were just acquaintances then. We wanted to get a snap shot of what appeared to be a mafia boss behind them. “Pose together so we can get a good picture of the mob leader,” we said.

Later (most likely while carpooling), Amber and I joked about how cute Adam and Cari would be as a couple and how fun it would be if they ended up together. Well, they’ve officially ended up together and I get to add ‘matchmaker’ to my resume. Don’t you just love a happy ending, especially when it includes your older brother? Yea, me too.

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6 Responses to I’m Gonna Have the Coolest Sister Ever

  1. Lynn Hill says:

    They are the coolest but so are you!

  2. NANNIE says:


  3. Cari says:

    I LOVE YOU FUTURE SIL!!! you’re the best!! I’m incredibly lucky and excited to be joining such an awesome family 🙂

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