Oh Yea, I Have A Blog

It’s been awhile. Happy belated Christmas! And a Happy Hanukkah, Kwanza and Festivus too. How was your holiday? Good? Mine too.

Can we talk about how I haven’t mailed my Christmas cards? I made them and they’re super cute. But aside from the few people I saw over the holidays, no one’s actually received a card from me. If you’re related to me and you find that your mailman delivers a festive card to you next week, can you just pretend that it’s still Christmas? Ok, thanks.

Can we talk about how the aforementioned Christmas cards saved me from years of therapy? Long and traumatic story short: our house got broken into in the middle of the night (somewhere between three and four am) and because I stayed up late to finish the cards, I wasn’t in my room sleeping when the intruder came in and stole my TV. It was one of the least fun things that’s ever happened. Thank God for crafting.

Can we talk about how I got a free single cup coffeemaker in the mail yesterday? Free. As in, it costs nothing. Sure, I’m now committed to purchasing their T Discs to actually make the coffee, but I don’t care. If the break-in brought down my thoughts on humanity, the unannounced, free coffee maker has restored it.  Apparently there is such a thing as a free lunch, or a free cup of coffee.

Can we talk about how awkward family gatherings are the best? You’ve trimmed the tree, made the cookies and wrapped all the presents, but it’s just not Christmas until someone in your family says something that causes everyone to stop talking, look around at each other and feel weird.  Someday I’ll tell you the story of how my uncle and cousin killed an armadillo at my grandmother’s 80th birthday party. I love where I come from.

Can we talk about Mad Men? I’m way late to the party but just finished watching the first season. While watching it makes me nervous and want to punch a man, I love the show. Also, how do they smoke so much? How? They smoke at dinner, they smoke at work, they smoke while doing the laundry and while playing with their kids. I was at lunch yesterday and I felt like I needed a cigarette.

Can we talk about New Year’s Eve? What are you doing this evening? Something exciting, I hope. I’ll be at home with a few close friends, ringing in the new year with sparkling wine and board games. I’m so cool. Here’s to 2011!

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