A New Year’s Resolution and Critters

Editor’s Note: Oh hi. It’s Emily. This is another post that was not written by me. This post was written by Lauren. Remember Lauren? She recently made an appearance in Punctuation Mark’s video blog? Lauren’s a former coworker, current roommate and according to my mother, she’s also my life partner.

Blogging has never been my thing, but now that Emily has started on this hilarious endeavor, I am on board. Let me introduce myself as yet another sidekick (and roommate) of Emily and Amber. You may recall my antics from the time I listed Emily on Craigslist. You should also know that for the second year in a row, my New Years Resolution is to select Emily’s future husband.  It’s a very important mission.

I am lucky to have met Emily within a couple of weeks of graduating from college and moving to DC, just as she was. I should admit that she did send me a Facebook message introducing herself before we actually met but I thought she was weird and didn’t respond. Eek.

I’ll be making regular appearances on the blog to share my experiences in completing my New Years resolution. I am also here to share all sorts of great preppy critter ideas for your everyday life because I have a slight obsession with them – from anchors on polo shirts to crabs on coolers, critters can pretty much be anywhere! So let’s put “the search” to the side for today and talk about how great these critter finds are for your home:

I am on a bee kick!

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