I Love Home Depot

When I was a kid, Home Depot was torturous. It was a place that we’d be dragged to by my Dad as he worked to finish that week’s project (my Dad is basically a master craftsman). We would invariably get stuck spending a large amount of time in Home Depot, as it’s not the type of place you can pop in and pop out of, and there were no fun things for me to play with.

Little kid Emily didn’t see all the amazing and wonderful things that Home Depot has to offer: tools and supplies that can be purchased to take home and make cool stuff. During my most recent trip to Home Depot I got the copper pipe fillings for the necklace that I mentioned here, a lovely orchid for my office and the key supply for the following.

This is the single cheapest craft I’ve ever produced. Using paint samples from my newfound favorite store and card stock I had lying around the house I DIYed this year’s Valentine’s Day cards.

What you’ll need:
Paint Samples
Card Stock
Elmer’s Glue (I’d actually recommend a glue stick)
Sharpie or Marker
Adhesive Dots

What you’ll do with the things you need:
Making the actual card is quite easy: just go to your local Home Depot and pretend that you are looking to paint your entire house. You’ll need lots of paint samples in a variety of colors because maybe you’re thinking of painting your bathroom a “Fruit Shake” pink, your bedroom a “Mermaid Harbor” blue and your kitchen a “Chlorophyll” green. So what if you can’t paint any room in your house because you’re a renter. The person at Home Depot who mixes paint (and sees you grabbing copious amounts of samples) does not need to know this.

When you return, grab the card stock and other supplies to produce the card’s envelope.

1. Pick out the paint sample you want to use. I used a variety of pink and red Behr samples because these cards were for the day of love.

2. Put the paint sample in the middle of the  card stock (with the card stock’s longest side perpendicular to the paint sample’s longest side) and trace around the paint sample.

3. Using a ruler, extend each of the lines to the edge of the card stock. This will create nine “boxes” on the sheet and look like this:

4. Cut out the boxes in the four corners so that card stock now looks like this:

5. Take the two biggest flaps and crease along the lines you’ve already drawn. Fold-in to close and glue . Fold one of the smaller flaps in and glue.

6. Once dry, slide a paint sample card into the open end and seal shut with an adhesive dot. As an extra touch, you can trim the open flap edges at an angle or round the edges.

7. Give the card to someone you like. Might I suggest the person at Home Depot who mixes the paint?

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4 Responses to I Love Home Depot

  1. NANNIE says:

    You have so much talent. I love the necklace. love you much,n.

  2. Haley says:

    Let’s add one more thing to our list of similar childhood experiences – Adam and I spent more than a few Saturdays in Home Depot as well and I must say, I think it narrowly edges out bathroom fixture and tile showrooms as the best place to play hide and seek…Although it did prove difficult and upsetting for Mom and Dad when they thought it was time to leave and we had moved inventory and were hiding in the pallet racking 🙂

    On another note, as a recipient of one of these lovely and super creative valentines, I must say they are as wonderful in person as they are in the pictures above!

  3. Heidi says:

    Yay for running into you! Seriously, I didn’t believe it was you!

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