Something Exciting Happened Across the Pond

No, I’m not talking about William and Kate… though I did get up at 4 a.m. to watch the royal wedding this morning. I won’t bore you with my commentary but I loved Kate’s dress more than words can say. Also, I need a fascinator. And the sermon was surprisingly poignant. And the sweet moments between the couple made me swoon. And Pippa is just the best name I have ever heard; future husband, can we use it for our first-born daughter?

Clearly I have no interest in the royal wedding. No, the real news from London is that our very own Carpool Amber is engaged! Take that William and Kate. Who’s upstaging you now?

My heart is so happy for these two. There’s no better match for one of my oldest friends than the boy who put a ring on it. If we’re lucky, maybe Amber will share some of her wedding planning details along the way. I’m definitely thinking she should wear a tiara.

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