Here’s to My Mom

Sometimes I feel like I only post on holidays (see here, here and here). But let’s get serious about Mother’s Day; Moms rule.

For instance, my Mom’s pretty great. She one time snuck up on me when I got home from school, knowing that I always had to use the restroom the moment I walked in the door. She thought it would be funny. It was. I peed my pants. In high school. That’s a true story.

My Mom also lets me call her from the grocery store when I can’t remember where they put the buttermilk or the difference between white wine vinegar and distilled white vinegar. Even though we don’t live in the same town and she probably has no idea where the Social Safeway keeps their pesto, she still talks me through it.

My Mom can almost always tell when I’m getting sick and the exact ailment. When I was in third grade, my Mom guessed that I had an appendicitis before the doctors figured it out. My Mom knows etiquette better than Emily Post and like the classic country song by Jessica Andrews suggests, she is my biggest fan.

So Happy Mother’s Day to my Mom. Oh and to my Nannie too. And my aunts and cousins that are mommies. And to my best friend’s moms cause they’re kinda like moms to me too… Ok, Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers but mostly my Mom.

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9 Responses to Here’s to My Mom

  1. Lynn Hill says:

    Thank you, Em! You are my greatest gift. I love you more than words can say.

  2. NANNIE says:

    Oh, Emily, you brought a tear to my eyes. How precious of you to honor Lynn in such a special way. and me too. thanks so much honey. you are so special to me. wp

  3. Lorraine says:

    Your Mother is indeed wonderful! I know she loved this post! What a great daughter you are! I am honored to be among your friends’ moms and part of the designer super family.

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