Can We Talk About a Few Things Real Quick?

Let’s chat.

Can we talk about Pinterest? I know that we’ve talked about it before but I think some of you weren’t listening. Pinterest is the greatest invention and best time suck ever. I could spend hours pinning my favorite images which are perfectly organized online for future inspiration. If you’re not on Pinterest, get on now. And follow me.

Can we talk about jury duty? That’s where I am right now by the way. I’m sitting here in the juror lounge and because of the genius of modern technology I have been quite productive! I have done a bit of work, read some of a great book, watched a few episodes of Parks and Recreation and chatted with you.

I have a love/hate relationship with jury duty.  This is something my newly lawyered friend and I talk about frequently. I respect my civic duties just as much as the next patriot but I’m a nervous person by nature. The thought of someone’s future being in my hands is quite  frightening. Jury duty for me goes something like this. I read the Superior Court Juror FAQs diligently and listen intently during orientation. I worry and stress that I will be selected. Then I’m not selected. And I’m pissed.  What? I’m not good enough this case? I’m not judicial enough? That’s just rude.

Can we talk about awful pick-up lines? I was leaving the courthouse for a break today and a gentleman walked past me and said “I was going to ask you to lunch but I see that you’ve already eaten?” What does that mean, Internet? Is he calling me fat? Cause if that’s the case, I wouldn’t have wanted to go to lunch with you anyway, dude. Today’s pick-up line isn’t half as bad as the time another gentlemen approached me at a bar with “I promise I won’t rape you.” As awesome as that offer sounds, I think I’ll pass.

I think that’s it… until the next time I’m summoned for jury duty or I have an awful pick-up line to report. In the meantime, get on Pinterest.

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4 Responses to Can We Talk About a Few Things Real Quick?

  1. Alicia says:

    For all it’s awfulness, the DC jury duty waiting room is rather well equiped with it’s wi-fi. I got lots done while waiting in there. Perhaps I was even too productive since I couldn’t get up and walk around!

  2. Jason says:

    That last pickup line has April Fool’s written all over it…

  3. NANNIE says:

    Had no idea you were serving on jury duty. yuk. remind me to tell you someday about my time on jury duty. not fun. I love you oodles.xxxxn.

  4. Lorraine Powelson says:

    Love love love your blog! Had no idea Pinterest existed – very cool!

    I find myself frequently asking, “when exactly did rudeness become acceptable?” It is just stupid and I am joining Dr. Jim Schmucks campaign to “SOS” – Stamp Out Stupidity! And when is being a real “gentleman” going to be back in vogue?

    But thanks for the smiles and giggles – you’re truly the best blogger!

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