I Nicknamed My Middle School Crush TCBY

I have told you a bit about my best friend Katie. We’ve known each other since my family moved from Oklahoma to Missouri in the third grade. Katie and I are completely similar and not alike at all.

We don’t talk every day. In fact, one of the things I love most about our friendship is that of our best conversations happen via the written word. In middle school and high school we passed notes, in college we AIMed across Oklahoma State’s campus and now we trade rambling Facebook messages.

With Katie’s permission, I’ll be sharing snippets of our conversations through the years. I’ll be changing names (or using nicknames) to protect the innocent. Unfortunately I will not be able to change my name and thus much of this will be embarrassing to me. This first note is from a book of notes we kept circa 1996.


Hey Homie G- wuz up? [It should be noted that the “up” was an arrow]

This is my history day notebook but that’s okay. Let’s just pass this book back and forth, otay? We don’t have to but that way you don’t have to keep all the notes and we don’t have to use our notebook paper. I’m in health and it is REALLY boring! What about u? How is reading and writing? It’s surprising but I have no idea what TCBY is wearing today. Jeans and his jacket but I don’t know what shirt. I saw him this morning. A sucks! Don’t you think? Why are you mad at him again? Who cares it’s fun.

Did I tell you in France kids have 3 years of high school but then they have a whole year of TESTS! Wouldn’t that suck!

Hey Katie, on Wednesday after school, or Thursday or Friday let’s go to Romeo and Juliet or the mall. I need to get Christmas presents. What do you want? Hey maybe you can spend the night on Wednesday. What are you doing then? You know I can’t think of anyone I could give the song away to. A’s gone but that okay. I’ve still got TCBY! G.G.

Me, WB

It’s good to know that some things never change. I’m still overusing exclamation points and I’m still scatterbrained with a disorganized writing style. Hey, is that true about kids in France? I don’t really trust myself. I was most likely dreaming of what TCBY was wearing or hating on A with no known reason during French class. Also I now have a strong desire to rewatch Romeo and Juliet.

Until next time!

Me, WB

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