Some Linkage + A Few More Words on Harry Potter

Here some delightful things from around the internet:

  • I don’t know this couple but I have watched their wedding video three times.
  • This cocktail looks delicious.
  • Yes it’s August, but I’m already excited about the holiday season… mostly because of the impending kate spade line and She & Him album.
  • I need to find an alphabet stamp set like Emma’s.
  • My friend Miss Bennet started a blog. And the DCist quoted her pedestrian rage of which I couldn’t agree with more.
  • I want this peach cobbler right now. For breakfast.

Also I have good news. There’s still a chance I could be in Gryffindor. This is chat I had with my brother after I posted a few words on Harry Potter last week:

Brother: I’m taking your Hogwarts house quiz.
Me: Oh great great. I can’t wait to see what you get.
Brother: I was pretty middle of the road, but my highest was Gryffindor.
Me: No way. I don’t believe you.
Brother: Why don’t you believe me? You don’t think I could be in Gryffindor? I’m a little insulted.
Me: I’m thinking about this all wrong. This is actually good for me. You are older than me and it usually goes with families so you could get me into Gryffindor.
… lots more chats about our favorite characters, whether we think our parents could be wizards, etc. …
Brother: Anyway good HP talk. I’ve got to go to lunch. I’ll put a word in for you over at the Gryffindor house.
Me: Ok great. Talk to McGonagall. I love her.
Brother: Roger that.

Happy Friday, Internet. Only a few more hours until the weekend!

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