The Last Two Months

So much rain. A wedding. A conference. Lots of late nights. Early mornings. No less than 5 breakdowns. Another conference. A little bit of crying at work. Two birthday celebrations. A 15 hour trip to Oklahoma. A work trip to Dallas. Yet another conference. Getting ready for two more weddings. More rain.

The last two months have been the busiest I can remember. Now it’s time to unplug. My dear friend Mary is getting married tomorrow and on Monday I’m headed to Mexico to watch my brother and future sister-in-law tie the knot. The next week and a half is about friends and family and love.

I’ll be back next month. November is going to be my jam. I’m excited to bake pumpkin things, blog the heck out of life and tell you all about how I want to be a wedding planner when I grow up.

In the meantime, here are some lost “this weekend” pictures for your viewing pleasure.

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