It’s a Bon Iver Kind of Day in D.C.

My brother and I share a love of music. He’s who I go to for recommendations and if I find a new band or song that I love, he’s who I want to tell. Aside from the fact that one of us loves ‘N Sync and the other doesn’t (what? he had a crush on Lance Bass), we have very similar tastes.

I’ve been a big fan of Bon Iver for a few years. And every one of those years I’ve tried to convince Adam of their awesomeness. It’s never really caught on. When their self-titled album came out this summer, I made him copy. His response was something to the effect of “I’m just not sold.”

I get it. Bon Iver is not going to be everyone’s favorite band. They’re a bit of an acquired taste. Their music is meant to be listened to on a very specific type of day. It makes you feel warm, comfortable, cozy. It’s intended (in my humble opinion) for the cooler months when days are short and dark.

I got a text from Adam a few weeks ago. It was cold and rainy in Oklahoma and he was listening to Bon Iver. I’m not saying he’s their number one fan now, but he’s beginning to see their merits.

“Skinny Love” is quite possibly my all-time favorite song. I’ve watched this performance nearly 100 times and saw it in person last August. If you, like me, can’t resist a good step clap series, hit play.

If you want more, here’s a playlist of some of my Bon Iver favorites. But if it’s not cloudy or chilly where you are, you should literally wait for a rainy day.

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5 Responses to It’s a Bon Iver Kind of Day in D.C.

  1. Erin Brett says:

    gonna give your playlist a listen right now, doll.

  2. carpoolamber says:

    I was just going to mention to you the other day that it is “Bon Iver weather”! I am going to put it on in my cube!

  3. NANNIE says:

    Em, am I missing something? Is this guy just learning to play a guitar? whew—-give me elevator music every time. xxxxxn.

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