Mary’s Married!

Mary and I were coworkers first. For nearly two years we shared an office. For nearly three more years we worked down the hall from one another. During that time, we learned each other’s preferences and habits. We saw each other stressed out. We were together for early mornings and late nights. We took trips. We helped each other. We saw each other get promoted. We grew to understand the difference between the other’s professional voice and their regular voice. We laughed a lot.

Mary has become much more than a co-worker. She’s often filled the role of therapist, cheerleader, partner in crime, yoga buddy, fellow Twilight enthusiast (we may or may not have taken off part of today to see Breaking Dawn Part 1), confidant and best friend.

You see a lot of the people you work with. In our case, I got to watch Mary fall in love. And then I got to stand next to her when she married her perfect match.

The bride.

The groom.

Happy family.



These are some feet.

These were my dates.

These are my friends.

Mr. + Mrs.

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4 Responses to Mary’s Married!

  1. NANNIE says:

    What a sweet testimonial?? and pretty people. xxxn.

  2. andrea says:

    love this post 🙂

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