Orange vs. Red

It is easy to like red. It’s a bandwagon color. Literally. It’s the signature of love, Valentine’s Day* and Christmas. It is by anyone’s standards a more conventional color. Orange, on the other hand, is unique. It takes a special soul to appreciate it, to wear it freely on days that aren’t October 31, to root for it even when it’s not popular.

There is an epic battle tonight. One of good vs. evil. Unconventional vs. conventional. Orange vs. red. Oklahoma State vs. Oklahoma. What side are you on?

orange scarf//orange belt//orange clutch//orange heels//orange coat//orange mittens
red scarf//red belt//red clutch//red heels//red coat//red gloves

*also Satan

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One Response to Orange vs. Red

  1. NANNIE says:

    Definitely good vs. evil! The good versus the bad! The great vs. the not so great…
    I am at Nannie’s and don’t get your blog – PLEASE send it to me. I love you and sure do wish you were here today to hold my hand! Go Pokes!!!! Kare Bear

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