I’m Dying at How Great the Universe Is

When I was home for Christmas last week, I went to the grocery store with my dad. Poppa Joe and I were picking up some last minute items for our Christmas Eve dinner (which actually took place the week before Christmas but that’s another story). I’m in the chip/beer aisle and who do I see? James Marsden.

Do you know him? He was in Hairspray and 27 Dresses. The latter, further adding to the irony of my life, was on tv last night. James is from Oklahoma and went to OSU so even if he wasn’t in musically inclined films and romantic comedies, I would still enjoy him. Also he was at my parent’s local grocery store so now I may join his official fan club.

Yes, that black-shirted man checking out at the Homeland on Rockwell is James Marsden. My father went down an obscure aisle to confirm. It was a pretty big moment for me. It made my Christmas (not really, but actually yes it did).

Side note: my brother said that I should never show that photo to anyone because it’s creepy and proves I am a stalker. Tell me something I don’t know.

Back to the story.

Also while I was home, my grandmother gave me the latest issues of the Oklahoma State University and OSU College of Arts and Sciences magazines. She is great and saves things like this for me to read.

Today at lunch I’m reading through them and notice an article about James Marsden. What a coincidence, I thought.

I get to the bottom of the piece where he talks Oklahoma and OSU… well, just read for yourself:

WHAT?!? In case you don’t remember, I saw him AT THE GROCERY STORE. DURING THE HOLIDAYS. IN OKLAHOMA CITY. How great and ironic is the universe? I’m dying over here.

PS. It’s not lost on me that I have a blog called Punctuation Marks (which would lead you to believe that I think grammar is important) yet the title of this post ends in “is.”

First photo courtesy of these classy folks.
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2 Responses to I’m Dying at How Great the Universe Is

  1. NANNIE says:

    HE IS SO DARLING. And thank you for mentioning your favorite grandmother. xxxxxn.

  2. Mary says:

    I love this!! It only would have been stalking if you had followed him out of the store….and then maybe home…

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