Dear Deb

You know Roommate Lauren, but you may not know Roommate Lauren’s mom Deb. She is a wonder. Deb visits D.C. a few times a year and inevitably she, the roommates, and I will end up around the kitchen table drinking wine and chatting about life. Deb will dispense some profound wisdom and we all feel real smart and good about things. Thus was born the Dear Deb series.

From time to time, we’ll be asking Deb for advice. Deb was kind enough to answer these first questions a few weeks ago and I’m just now getting a chance to share them. So check out her pearls of wisdom below and leave a comment if you have a question for the Deb!

Dear Scared of Debt,

Congrats! Newly married and just 30….so much ahead for you!

I hope that  husband of yours shares the same adventurous spirit! Yes, buying a house is a huge commitment, but always remember you are not married to your house. If, after you buy a house, you are presented with an amazing opportunity in France, you can still do it! Maybe you can rent out your place, or join a “house swapping” vacation club…where there’s a will there’s a way! Don’t let your decisions today limit your choices in the future. There really are such things as “once in a lifetime opportunities.”

That said…….

– Don’t buy over your head, as expenses for every house far exceed the mortgage.

– Consider renting a while longer. In this economy, buying a house can actually be a bad long term investment (and a REALLY bad short term investment). Then, when the furnace quits, all it costs you is a phone call to your landlord…and then, possibly, a move to France.

As “they” say: “Life happens when you’re making other plans”, so just be aware that your plans will often get derailed, and the new, “unplanned” direction can be just as good – – or better!

Good Luck,

Dear Not a Cat Lover,

Puppies are cute because it’s God’s way of helping us cope with how much work they are. “Puppy Face” enables us to tolerate poop on the carpet.


Need relationship advice? Don’t know if you should change career paths? Wonder why kittens are so cute? Ask Deb! Leave your questions in the comments below.

P.S. Speaking of moms, mine’s birthday was yesterday. I’ve spoken before about how great my Momma Lynn is but I’ll say type it again: she’s great. Happy birthday to my kind, loving and creative mother, without whom I wouldn’t be here today. She did give birth to me after all.

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One Response to Dear Deb

  1. Love it! I’m posting on my momma’s facebook wall. She has a very cute puppy that loves getting into trouble.

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