Feb Photo A Day

This past month I participated in the February Photo a Day challenge. With a name like that I’m sure you have no idea what this is, so let me explain. You use the challenge inspiration to take a photo a day.

I loved this little project so much. I spent the month snapping pictures on my phone then filtering and posting them on Instagram. It was so fun to be creative every single day. And I love that I now have this great representation of the month. I was actually pretty annoying about how much I loved this project. A lot of conversations in my house went something like this:

Me: Hey, you HAVE to see my ‘inside your closet’ photo for today. And here’s the button one, and the dinner one and the 10 am one. And tomorrow is blue! Isn’t this just the funnest thing ever?
Roommate: Silence.

Click the picture to enlarge and see a clearer “calendar.” You can also see the daily inspirations below.

1. your view today // 2. words // 3. hands // 4. a stranger // 5. 10 am // 6. dinner // 7. button // 8. sun // 9. front door // 10. self portrait // 11. makes you happy // 12. inside your closet // 13. blue // 14. heart // 15. phone // 16. something new // 17. time // 18. drink // 19. something you hate to do // 20. handwriting // 21. a fave photo of you // 22. where you work // 23. your shoes // 24. inside your bathroom cabinet // 25. green // 26. night // 27. something you ate // 28. money // 29. something you’re listening to
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