I’m Back

Apologies for the silence over here; I’ve been on a little trip. I was in San Antonio for work (and the best guacamole of my life). Then I was in Oklahoma to play with my parents. Then I was in Tulsa for a friend’s wedding, but also managed to fit in some quality time with my brother and sister-in-law, my good friend Dub and my cousins’ little ones. Mixed in the middle of all that was a short jaunt to Stillwater for a delightful day with my grandmother.

Being with friends from college over the weekend (including her) was magical. It’s really great to spend time with people who knew you when you thought you could do or be anything. Pictures from my trip (including a few of the beautiful bride) are over here.

Because it’s always hard to get back into the work swing after a long trip, this will be on repeat all day:

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3 Responses to I’m Back

  1. Teri says:

    I love this version of this song, never heard of it before…where can I get it, I couldn’t find it on iTunes!?!

  2. First temp dotter, I saw him in concert last weekend and he sang this!!!! It was aaaa-mazing! He opened for Needtobreathe. I think they’re coming to DC sometime later this spring, so you should check them out. It was an awesome concert! Ask Leg (that’s my sister, in case you’ve forgotten) about it, I think she’s planning on going. Also (and most importantly), love and miss you!!!

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