Feb Photo A Day

This past month I participated in the February Photo a Day challenge. With a name like that I’m sure you have no idea what this is, so let me explain. You use the challenge inspiration to take a photo a day.

I loved this little project so much. I spent the month snapping pictures on my phone then filtering and posting them on Instagram. It was so fun to be creative every single day. And I love that I now have this great representation of the month. I was actually pretty annoying about how much I loved this project. A lot of conversations in my house went something like this:

Me: Hey, you HAVE to see my ‘inside your closet’ photo for today. And here’s the button one, and the dinner one and the 10 am one. And tomorrow is blue! Isn’t this just the funnest thing ever?
Roommate: Silence.

Click the picture to enlarge and see a clearer “calendar.” You can also see the daily inspirations below.

1. your view today // 2. words // 3. hands // 4. a stranger // 5. 10 am // 6. dinner // 7. button // 8. sun // 9. front door // 10. self portrait // 11. makes you happy // 12. inside your closet // 13. blue // 14. heart // 15. phone // 16. something new // 17. time // 18. drink // 19. something you hate to do // 20. handwriting // 21. a fave photo of you // 22. where you work // 23. your shoes // 24. inside your bathroom cabinet // 25. green // 26. night // 27. something you ate // 28. money // 29. something you’re listening to
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This is What an Impromptu Visit from my Best Friend Looks Like

[All photos taken by me and my iPhone. Here are some others.]
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Blog Stalking + Pin of the Week

I am very very excited that it’s Friday (and not just because my best friend called on Tuesday to say she was making an impromptu visit this weekend). It was quite a week, full of highs and a few lows. I’m choosing to focus on the highs because I just finished this book and I’m all about happiness right now.

Let’s stalk the internet, folks. Then let’s go get some drinks. Ok?

  • There is so much in inspiration in this house.
  • I might need an new iphone cover and I’m currently coveting this one and this one… Decisions. Decisions.
  • I’m excited about the start of this.
  • Nutella + cheescake = this. Can you ask for anything more?
  • Pin of the week comes from here and it’s just kinda brilliant.
  • Speaking of pins, this is a great article on Pinterest as digital crack for women.
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I Painted a Button Down Shirt

It all happened very quickly. I was in Gap last month. I bought a men’s plaid button down. It had an unfavorable white trim, but it was on sale and cuter than the women’s offerings.

“I could paint that trim,” I thought on the way out of the store.
“But that would be weird,” I countered myself.
“No, I will most certainly try to paint it,” I continued. “I shall do it this very night.”
“And it will be gold!” I exclaimed.

About an hour after I made the purchase, I was home painting a button down shirt with leftover paint from the time I painted my moccasins and thinking “what am I doing with my life?” I was surprised by how much I loved the results. I wore it the very next day.

I was scouring my pins recently and realized I was likely inspired by this button down shirt project.

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Blog Stalking + Pin of the Week

Happy end of the week, dolls and dudes. Let’s stalk the internet.

  • Have to try this heart-shaped bokeh.
  • I love these black walls.
  • Need party. Must make tablecloth.
  • Pretty obsessed with these DIY dip-dye ribbons.
  • Awesome Whitney cover.
  • I need this garland in my life (as seen here).
  • Just really beautiful words in the pin of the Valentine’s week (via here).
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Valentine’s Day Hearts + Things

I’ve never been into heart-shaped things. (Remember when this, or its knockoff counterpart, was super popular?) I can, however, totally get behind these heart-shaped, pink, red and sparkly things.

In case you want to buy me any of these things for Valentine’s Day: lips stamp // sparkly heels // cupcake liners // measuring spoons // xo mugs // nail polish // scarf // glitter ribbon // heart pin // letterpress tag.

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One Week Ago

One week ago I was in Miami. One week ago I was drinking mojitos, laying by the pool, reading leisurely, walking on the boardwalk, sticking my feet in the Atlantic, shopping at Dash and getting a tan. Today I am not doing any of those things. Today I am wishing it were one week ago.

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